A cosy holiday house

The aim of walkandmeditate.com is to provide you with an unforgettable stay. We have chosen a typical bavarian house on a sunny southern slope with a panoramic view of the Allgäu alpine range. The house has a wide range of facilities and the front garden harmoniously blends with the natural landscape, featuring local flowers, and trees where you can calm down and reenergize.

Tradition and modernity

We offer classic, elegant, exquisitely decorated rooms with contemporary touches. Extremely welcoming, they create a sensation of timeless comfort and are ideal for a restful stay. The calming colors and beautiful decor of your own private room will not only add to your relaxation and transformation, but also support a restful night’s sleep. Our rooms measure 18 (single room) and 28 (double room) square meters and have all ensuite bathroom.

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